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Illwell Town

The town with a big beating heart
and a reasonable history!

Across the lake from the more heartless and commercial town of Bisley sits the spirited, friendly, warm and arty town of Illwell. The result of two large villages that amalgamated due to harsh house building in the seventies, Illwell boasts many attractions and 'things to do'.  Mostly  centred around Christmas Street, the main shopping thoroughfare, the town is free from many of the the usual High Street chains. If you've visited, you'll know!

"As you navigate your way through our simple website you'll find the true nature of Illwell Town will eventually absorb you. The good and the bad will expose themselves but, honestly, it's mostly good."
- Cropston Fairweather (Illwell resident)

Above: Illwell's Glorious Wood

Below: The Illwell Flyer

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