April 2019 - News

Illwell Talent Competition

It's approaching that time of year when Illwell begins searching for the next big talent to emerge from it's town. So far, heat one is full to the brim with six promising acts, promising acts.

Last year's competition was won by Fiona Lambert who sand Down by the Shore in The Bay as a tribute to her dad who once lived there but now has moved to Bisley. She won £62 and a chance to perform at The Cherry Tree Rest Home that, actually, didn't come to anything. However, she wowed the judges and received those memorable comments from main judge Stephen Cornwall, "You know what? That's the best rendition of that song, I think, we've ever seen on this stage. It's great to see such a well-grounded talent. You just need to change your name".

Fiona was in deed 'well-grounded

' and was, until the win, working as an electrician for Gomby Products. She now goes by the name of Fifi Lambrussco and she is looking to go into the studio one day.

This years, event hopes to showcase more extra-ordinary talent and organisers have said that if they can fill Heat 2 they may well have two semi-finals and a final, rather than just one final.

The judges remain the same as last year so, along with Cornwall, it's Tracey Dim, Katrina 'Nail-Bar' Bowen and Mark Walkinson.

Stand-up and Wear The T-Shirt at Sticklers Comedy Clubs

Chain comedy club designs uniform for stand-up performers.

Sticklers Comedy Director Mary Lin Fields has introduced a new criteria for acts who perform at her chain of comedy clubs. From the beginning of the new year they will all be asked to don company t-shirts or jackets whilst on stage.

In an Interview with Sly News she said, “It’s important that we are proud of the image of the company and this idea just stuck out as being brilliant for everybody. We video our shows and they’ll now look so professional with everybody looking the same”.

She waved away criticism that corporate image was the last thing a comedian would want to attach themselves to by insisting a lot of the comics are on board. “A comedian should be 10% comedian and 90% business like off stage but when on stage they should be 90% comedian and 10% business like. This is the 10%! Lovely jackets”.

She further insisted that stand-up comedy should be no different from any other business and that there was a choice between jackets and t-shirts for each comedian so they could retain some of their own stand-up individuality.

When Illwell news asked locally born comedian Alan Kind for a comment he said, “She’s an idiot”.

The t-shirts will have a large Sticklers logo on the front but we're not certain how they'll ruin the jackets.