August 2018 - News

Illwell Bunting Festival visitor numbers remain exactly the same!

The second annual Bank Holiday Bunting Festival was held in Illwell over the weekend and as many flocked to the event as last year according to the organisers.  Geoff Thomas, editor of the magazine 'A Bunting We Will Go' said, “It was certainly as busy as last year, so that's an improvement. A lot of the same faces, sure but interestingly the number of new faces corresponded exactly with the number who didn't come back.” Geoff is on The Bunting Festival Committee and over sees many activities during and over the weekend, one of which was The Triangle Square Bunting Competition, won by Graham Deane with his alternate 'square/triangle' theme, fitting in nicely with the location of the event. 

One festival goer praised the event as unique. “There's nothing like it in my life. I've been a fan of bunting for decades and what a lot of people don't realise is that bunting isn't just one dimensional inverted triangular plastic pieces suspended by a string, although that's part of it”, she said.

One cheeky Bunter created the theme of a 'washing line', by creating mini items of bright coloured clothing strung along a wire between two posts, for the competition. Everything from trousers and blouses to underwear and socks. Unfortunately, some of the items were stolen before the bunting was judged and the exhibit didn't make the final.

There are plans to make the event even bigger next year, Mr. Thomas confirmed. “It's not a bad thing that numbers were consistent with last year as consistency is one of the main tenets of good bunting manufacturing but imagine if the Bunting Festival Boundary threshold was crossed by one more person, or a dog even!"

Illwell Bus Services (IBS)
Bus services between the north end of Jenny Lane and Noose End will be supplemented by a replacement 660 metre 'guided' walk because of roadworks on Christmas Crescent. Illwell Depot apologises for any inconvenience during the chaos and asks people to make allowances for the difference in 'journey time' which is likely to be 7 minutes faster than normal. (Depending on your pace).

Illwell weather experts have announced that this has probably been the hottest summer since records were scrapped in 1977.  Thomas Chewd of the Illwell Council has been monitoring our climatic conditions by 'going out every day' and 'seeing what it's like'.  He said, "People should take precautions in this intense heat as there is a danger to life. Already a man has been taken to Bisley hospital due to diving in to the lake off Illwell Crag. And don't leave children or dogs in cars, it's mad".

Parking Machines
Excellent new parking machines are to be introduced along Jenny Lane. In order to park alongside such a machine, it will be necessary to extract a ticket by paying a fee and keying in your registration number and postcode, supplying a thumb print and a small blood sample.