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If you would like to contact the town to complain or to contribute to the website please email Angela on

We are always looking for contributions from the world at large. Whether you have a film review or you've seen a play at the theatre and want to vent your opinion, please do write to us. You might have a poem that we could publish or some news about bus services we haven't heard about or it might be that you've captured something like a photograph or a wild animal. We try to include anything that keeps in line with our town and website so please don't be shy!

You can have your named enshrined in our 'visitors book' page by writing to us about your Illwell Town visit or, if you're a resident, tell us of your experience here or share memory of days gone by.

To become a resident of the town you need to write an email and explain why in no more than 100 words.

The Visitor's and Residents of Illwell

(To have your name enshrined here please follow the instructions on the contact page!)

Angela Doll - Resident: Agent/Manager/Representative/PA/Mentor/Administrator in the Arts Industry, Angela is of unknown origin. She manages comedians, singer-songwriters and some poets.
Cropston Fairweather - Resident:
  Made in Illwell, this singer/songwriter was born in what was formally 'no man's land' between two villages. He never really belonged anywhere until the building swept up the land and he was suddenly bang in the middle of Illwell - a place commonly know as 'The Border', as depicted in his early song 'Born On The Border'.
Jenny English - Resident:  
A long time resident, jenny was a teacher who lit up the lives of those people she touched with he amazing kindness and sense of humour. Jenny Lane was named in her honour. She will always be here.

Glendon Boulevard - Resident:  A stalwart of many residents' and twinning associations, I am delighted to bring my skills to the area.

Janey Godley - Visitor:  I love Illwell and will be back for the book club which is a stand out event.

Betty Shaw - Visitor: The car park was the absolute highlight of my visit. I'll be back when I've passed my driving.. test.
Maria Warren - Visitor:  Illwell Arts Theatre Screen Room sounds hot. Keep us updated!
Ginny Copley - Visitor:  Illwell was well good ... well half of it was. Bring back Wellgood - disamalgamate now!!!
Burton Langster - Resident: Yes, yes, in many ways, I'm a friend but some things should not be altered.
Alfred Watkins Jr. - Visitor:  I discovered some extraordinarily powerful Lay Lines alongside the Illwell Ring.
Catherine Nelson - Visitor: I enjoyed hearing Fairweather play while eating carrot cake at the Christmas Street cafe.
Ray Kent - Resident: We had a great time at the annual Christmas Street Picnic. It made us forget the year before.
Sara Lockton - Visitor: Would definitely fancy a picnic on Illwell Hill. Haven't got a frisbee.
Earl Downham - Resident: Nice to see that The Christmas Street Cafe still puts on the best comedy.
Martin Parrot – Resident: I always like to go to the IAT&CMT when I can.