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The latest Crop's Circle was recorded at The Tap & Barrel, Wigston, Leicestershire on Sunday 24th February 2019

The show features Cropston Fairweather and Rosie Palmer with two very special guests, Rob Coleman and Craig Deeley.

Look out for the collaborative song 'If I had an Island'. (Scroll down for lyrics)

Links to the podcast below:

Crop's Circle is a monthly Podcast featuring guests with performances and discussion recorded in front of a 'live' audience at The Tap & Barrel, Wigston, Leicestershire.

Cropston Fairweather hosts with help from singer/songwriter Rosie Palmer.

The first show was recorded on Sunday 2nd December 2018 and featured guests in the shape of Rob Gee and Tony Cowards. The casts are available to listen to in 5 parts below.

If We Had an Island

If I had an Island
I’d rule it like a King
Because that’s my name A King
I’ve been aching to tell you that
And anyone who’s naughty
I’ll tie them to the naughty tree
And feed then on dried apricots
Brazil nuts and penguin wee 

If We Had an Island
If We Had an Island
If We Had an Island
This is what we’d do 

If I had an island
I’d buy some Alligators
To them I’d feed the motorists
who can’t use indicators
I’d make myself the Island Judge
And punish petty crime
So, anyone who winds me up
Will all be doing time 


If I had an island
I’d fill it all with cats
Purring and singing ‘Memory’
With bow ties and tops hats
Make everyday a party
But still a mindful place
Where it’s okay to be sad
Or be from outer space 


If I had an Island
This would be my creed
Unless you prove your competence
You’re not allowed to breed
I’d also make it legal
to shoot anyone
Who hogged the middle lanes
And I’d supply the guns 

Chorus x2

Music by Anthony King. Lyrics by Anthony King, Rosie Palmer, Rob Coleman & Craig Deeley.