Cropston Fairweather

The Covers Are Off!

This is a 'no covers' open mic for songwriters performing their own work in a lovely, cozy and supportive atmosphere.  It's hard to perform your own work on many open mic nights as you're competing against famous and classic songs. This is YOUR night. Contact Cropston at for a spot or to talk about how the night will run.  


This is the page of Illwell's own troubadour.  
Singer, songwriter, poet and half-historian, Cropston is a fixture of the music scene in the town where you can often see him being on stage.
Songs such as Avenue Of Despair and Call Me The Blame have built Cropston a reasonable following and there are plans to release an album by the end of the century.
Cropston also dabbles in the world of comedy under a less realistic name but likes to keep his serious music separate to distinguish it apart from each other.
His songs are quirky, dark, uplifting, pugnant, melodic and mini social commentaries often 'punching across' and many that are sing-alongable to (if you know the words).

Upcoming Dates and TICKET LINKS:
Most dates are in Illwell but I try to break out on to the road when I can overcome my fear of travelling out on the road.

The Covers Are Off!
Due to the current situation in the world, no shows are programmed at the moment. Stay safe.

Cropston's Discography and past dates are HERE