February 2019 - News

Man thrown out of popular fast-food purveyor in Bisley for 'not ordering properly'! 

The Bisley branch of the famous fast-food chain MeDangles has made the headlines for losing patience with a man who couldn’t get their signature dishes right. A four star employee of the chain described the incident. “At first he asked for a ‘Big Jack with Frits’ which obviously isn’t the right name. When I said, ‘Do you mean chips?’ He replied, ‘Haven’t you got Frits then?’ It was irritating. I said that we don’t have a ‘Big Jack’ either. So, then he asked for a ‘Whooper’!”

Apparently the unnamed man was getting everything wrong even though the menu was clearly displayed in glowing neon behind the counter. “He didn’t seem to realise it was a fast-food establishment”, said a person behind him in the queue. “It was actually slowing things down! He asked for a bucket of fish at one point, and everyone knows MeDangles would never do that!”

A spokesperson for MeDangles said, “It’s a shame that people can’t get our dishes right after we’ve bashed them over the head with our products for years but I guess some people will always be out of touch. The Supervisor said he was asking for ‘Big’ instead of ‘Large’ which is confusing for a well trained workforce. They were stressed out by the incident. A number of employees had to take the next day off with symptoms of ‘confusion’ but they will all be supported with extra conditioning so they can be back to work as soon as possible to support their families”. 

Eventually, security staff had to intervene and managed to extricate the man (who kept referring to them as ‘Life Guards’) from the premises.