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The Festival for Festival's Sake is well under way, and many people have travelled miles to participate in the biggest showcase of its kind anywhere on the World. Young aspiring actors, comedians and poets, along with many wannabees have spent thousand of pounds of their parents’ fortunes to spend a month in at the event.

Amy Special from Northwoods Upper Holt told Illwell News, “It’s my third time taking a show this year. My parents have told me I’ve got ten tries and if I haven’t made it then I’ll probably have to get a job or write a book”.

A lot of people make money at FFS but, unfortunately, it’s rarely the talent that gets to go home with a tidy profit. When a senior FFS official was asked why the costs of putting on shows was so high, she replied, “We want the right pedigree and if we let lower people in and they happen to be good, it would alter the dynamic of entertainment everywhere”.

Graham Grin who studied at Eton and Oxford said, “I’m having a great time because many of my chums are here and we’re staying at the Adoria Hotel together”. His show, ‘People My Dad Knows’ is up for the annual festival award sponsored by the company ‘Inspired Atrophy’.

Other shows that are listed for the award are:

‘I’ve had Work’ - Nicola Burdoin

‘Upside Across’ – Nick Taunt

‘Trump in A Dish’ – Collette Spaniel

‘That Was Just the Teachers’ – Netta and Calis Curtis#

‘Rock the Hard Way’ – Justin Badger

There has also stolen been a joke competition called Nicked Joke which was won by Marlon Cream for his “My pet feline won a Best Bottom competition, but we mislaid the Winner’s Cup – it was a Cat Ass Trophy!”

The festival continues until August 24th.

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