Exam ends early due to altercation!

An exam at Illwell School for Boys and Girls was brought to an abrupt halt yesterday when a fight broke out between two invigilators. The fracas sent students scattering 75 minutes into their two-hour exam on The Causes of Conflict and the exam was postponed.

Rumours have been circulating that tensions have been rising between ‘power mad’ invigilators who are employed by the school. A witness said, “One middle-aged man scooted across desk-tops to confront a younger invigilator who was collecting a completed exam paper. The older man accused the younger of ‘working his patch’”.

Invigilators are employed by an outside agency to guarantee neutrality and are there to ensure the exams are run efficiently. “During May,” said a spokesperson, “there are many Invigilators of all experiences coming together and it’s hard to guarantee sensibility. Generally, they all get on and even have an ‘end of exam season’ party where they do line-dancing to country music”.

Our ‘insider’ at Illwell School for Boys and Girls has uncovered a record number of reports of complaints against invigilators from students this year alone, in the last few weeks, yesterday. One, sixteen-year-old, unidentified student, is said to have complained that, “A, very rude, Invigilator was talking to me like I was a child”.

Another Invigilator, completely disassociated with the incident, said, “It’s a very stressful job! Sometimes, you have to do nothing for ages”.

Both men have been suspended until an investigation has been completed.

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