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Please write to us with your views about Illwell Town or our noisy neighbours Bisley.
Illwell Town Website Collective reserves the right.

Dear Collective
I do feel that you often give Bisley a bad rap. Did you know there are quite a few pleasant spots to be had in the town and the people are not all go-getting, numb-skulls.
David Linger
Collective response: Most of us here at The Collective agree that Bisley isn't 100% bad but it seems to attract a mucky commercialism. We do try to give balance but it's hard and Bisley is definitely the go to place if you want a 'bad wrap'. 

Dear Collective
I just wanted to make my voice heard about the rumoured purchase of The Isle Of Illwell by the council. I feel it's long over due. The restaurant on the island is not up to scratch and it's a waste of one of Illwell's best attractions. Please buy the island back as quick as possible and turn it into something everyone can enjoy.
John Hurst

Collective response: We feel the same as you John and would love to hear suggestions for what the Isle could be used for.