March 2019 - News

Crop's Circle latest!

The second Crop's Circle podcast is now available on the 'Crop's Circle' page. It was recorded on February 24th during The Leicester Comedy Festival and features Cropston Fairweather and Rosie Palmer with guest comedians Rob Coleman (World Record Holder) and Craig Deeley, performing and chatting.
Watch out for the song 'If We Had an Island' which was written during the interval by all the cast.

New Website for flawed political opinions!

A new website is about to be launched to help ease the ‘lynch mob’ mentality afflicting so many social media sites. “Existing sites, such as Splattr are ‘weighed down’ by ridiculous and flawed political opinion from blinkered and self-righteous idiots”, said a spokesman for the new domain “We can cater for such people and free other social media sites from the mobs so normal people can interact intelligently. We see it as a public service”. appears to offer a haven for those who project their opinions using broad ‘sweeping and stereo-typical’ statements that demonise anyone with an opposite point of view. It’s been described as the ‘place to go’ for faux intellectuals.

Miriam Tucker of the charity, ‘Let’s Not Be Hasty’ said, “It’s all very well, having a sanctuary for people who feel the need to ‘group up’ and bully but I think it’s better that these people are in ‘plain sight’ on existing sites so that we can avoid them in real life”.

The new site is believed to be encouraging the use of capital letters and is said to have ‘chat rooms’ where people can shout at each other (shout rooms) and special forums in which people can threaten others - using pseudonyms to protect themselves.

An internet expert told Illwell News, “We’re only just beginning to find out the true capabilities of the world wide web. It’s very exciting”.