September 2019 - News

Uniform and Name Changes Proposed at High School.

Illwell High School for Boys and Girls has come under scrutiny for the very name of the school. The school has a long history of being in the town and has always been called Illwell High School for Boys and Girls, or at least since they began to allow girls in. In the past, there have been campaigns to change the name to Illwell High School for Girls and Boys, as it was suggested that ‘boys’ should not necessarily come first, but now there are calls (one at least) to make changes that reflect the diverse nature of society by renaming it Illwell High School for Young People.

The new uniform rules have also come under attack, even though ‘long flowing gowns’ were introduced as an alternative the jumpsuits brought in last year. The gowns have brought with them many other ‘unanticipated’ problems like tripping over and fires.

A spokesperson for the school said, “We are encountering some problems with uniform changes, as can be expected. The gowns have certainly brought a few challenges, partly because they seem to be extremely flammable. We’re working on a solution but there are many considerations to be considered”.

A teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “Some of the girls are rolling up their ‘long flowing gowns’ to make them shorter, but the hessian just makes them look very strange because it bunches up funny. Someone suggested that we fire-proof them all, but that’s not a pleasant thing to do to kids”.

There is a meeting at the end of the month to decide the future of the School’s name.