What's On In Illwell - March 2019

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

Illwell Hall:

Illumination Tree (12a) A dark fantasy.

Rice is the Answer (12) A surprisingly funny comedy set in Restaurant.

Book Fair (£3) 21-28 March. All sorts of books

The Christmas Street Cafe:

The Wellgood Head:

What's On In Illwell - February 2019

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

Illwell Hall:

East of East (U)  A documentary about Speed Boats from the new and exciting director Carpenter Maim.
Tension Cafe (18) Four diners happen upon a cafe in the bleak wilderness and get more than they expected.

Proportionate Greed: (Sunday Feb 24 - £20)This band return to Illwell for the second time since there first tour. They have now released that second difficult album To Wide Acclaim. The title track, Two Wide Acclaim has been brought out as a single.

The Christmas Street Cafe:

The Wellgood Head:

What's On In Illwell - January 2019

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

Twisted Sickle (18) - A new horror from the master of the genre, Hefting Greene. A group of youngsters go to a secluded hut where they realise a similar group of youngsters were murdered. What will happen?

Shockspeare (18) - A 2018 nominee at The con Film Festival, this delicious soup of gore follows a group of amateur dramatists attempting to perform Shakespeare in a secluded and abandoned theatre.

The Christmas Street Cafe
Scrabble Night: First Tuesday of every week. All welcome, Bring board.

Illwell Hall:

The Nevada Desert All Stars (£25 - £30) This blues and country big band brings it's own brand of swing and 'film noir' sounds to the stage. Performers include former Astronauts.

The Wellgood Head:

Tues 15 - Quiz Night
Sat 26/Sun 27 - Cropston Fairweather and The Wigged People (Free)

What Was On In Illwell - December 2018

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

The Supermarket On The Corner (PG) - A film that follows the romance of two people on the opposite sides of corporate takeover. Can a ruthless entrepreneur win the heart of a nice person as he crushes her family business?
Shelf (PG) - A shelf that doesn't seem to fit get's taken to New York to find it's real self.
When Push Comes To Murder (15) - A courtroom drama about an man accused of murder who insists he's just helping people commit suicide.
Santa's Gone Crazy (PG) - A hilarious American film about a dis-functional Santa causing mayhem amongst a couple of child actors.

The Christmas Street Cafe:

Sun 23rd Dec - Cropston Fairweather's Christmas Special (£10) Cropston and his backing band The Wigged People will be performing a special Christmas based set undoubtedly including his seasonal songs such as 'Not Driving Home For Christmas' and 'Too Many Decorations'.

Illwell Hall:

Fri 14 - Sun 16, Dec - The Christmas Craft Fair (£3) 

The Wellgood Head:

Sun Dec 16th - Open Mike & The Carryouts (£10) A return to Illwell for this band who present a show that spoofs 'open mic' nights.

Sun Dec 23rd - Open Mic Night (Free)


Dec 10 - Dec 23 - The Christmas Street Christmas Market

What Was On In Illwell - November 2018

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

Sandwiches Under The Tree. (15) - A coming of age drama about a young person struggling with sexuality, family and diet.
The House of Flying Pans (PG) - Hilarious comedy from the Burgen Brothers.
The Bungalow Stairs (18a) - A dark tale of hidden danger and frightening peril.

Illwell Hall:

Thursday 29th: Psychic Samantha Ganmore - The Humility Tour.The well known fake psychic returns to fleece the gullible. (£25-£40)

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The Christmas Street Cafe:

Fri 16: The Outfidels -The family folk band return with their own brand of whispy nostalgia. (Free tarlet with admission price - £7.00)
Sat 17: Lendon Baines (Comedy) £10-£12 - This, stalwart of various fringes, son of wealthy parents, stand-up is a loud and forceful comic with some skill beneath the arrogant exterior. He shouts it at you like he's the only 'thinker' in the room. He has a following so the show will probably go ahead.

The Wellgood Head:

Saturday/Sunday 10/11: Prune Juice  - This popular band are back for a run of two dates. (£12.00)
Sunday 25: Cropston Fairweather and The Wigged People (£10)

What's On In Illwell - October 2018

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:


The One That Came and Went Away (15) - This gritty new Western from Ludiano Ganesh. An unwelcome stranger comes to town.

Escalator to Hell (18) - This is not a documentary about Debenhams but a truly distasteful horror. Not for the squeamish

7 Angels (12a) - Sequel to 6 Angels.

Stickleback (PG) - The story of childhood friendship and bullying. A boy nicknamed Stickleback arrives in a small town and suffers at the hands of neighbourhood bullies, but has a friend in Dodger.


Clot -  A man pieces together his childhood as he remembers suppressed events.

Illwell Hall:

Friday 26 October
Montage of The Heart - The quirky, alternative band tour their new album Numb Future - Tickets £12-£20

The Wellgood Head:

Saturday 20 October
Cropston Fairweather and The Wigged People
Wednesday 24 October
The Lords of Slaver -  Folk Duo

What's WAS On In Illwell - September 2018

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

Film: Ludicrous Country

Based on a novel of the same name but originally titled "Loose Canon Fodder", this film examines the surface thoughts of the dis-enchanted and probes scantily into the heads of some seemingly disturbed outsiders. (Certificate 15)

Film: Molly's Trumpet

Molly is on her way to The Trumpet Nationals when her instrument is stolen. With a family not able to finance a new one she has to make do with a battered old horn given to her by a random sympathetic old bluesman they meet. Will Molly get to the Nationals in time and will the old Trumpet get her through. (Certificate 18, for extreme and prolonged violence and nudie bits). 

Play: Clever!

“Clever doesn't try to do anything more than what its title suggests and is your basic formulaic offering of aloof meanderings designed to make you think.” - The Illwell Exhauster 

Film: Four Loud Bangs.

An atmospheric art movie filmed in black and white.

Illwell Hall:

Friday 28 September
Spluttergust (£15-£20)
Saturday 15 September

The Globules - SOLD OUT!

The Wellgood Head:
Thursday 27 September

The Daniel Sugar Three - Jazz

Wednesday 9 September
The Goosenecks

Illwell Outdoor Summer Stage At The Lake

Saturday September 1st

Cropston Fairweather and The Wigged People

Fairweather takes to the stage with backing band The Wigged People. Other acts will be performing also.

What's WAS On In Illwell - August 2018

Illwell Arts Theatre & Cinemateque:

The Sensitive Fireman (aka The Doormat) Cert 15- 97mins. A woman's search for traditional love. The film follows her through the trials of unsuited matches as she looks for the man to fit her world view of settling down. A big strong man who'll do the D.I.Y. and idolise her, surely, can't be too hard to find.

Film:  She Got Married To A ‘She’ Who Was A ‘He’ Who Then Found Out She Was A ‘He’ Too (Rom-Com) cert 15 - 89 mins. 
Macia Pipes and Glen Tibbets star in this zany comedy of two people hilariously in love but out of sync with their own identities. Expect plenty of laughs in this cross-dressing, gender fluid, wild and zany romp.

“America has been laughing at this movie which means the British will too” – The Daily Character.

Film: Hapless Characters (Animation) Cert U - 93 mins.  The world has gone bonkers a bunch of discordant animals with human characteristics find themselves pivotal in the race to save the planet. (Parental guidance: three fart jokes in the first five minutes of the film and  occasional references to reality TV).

Film: Caution Horses (Documentary - PG - 186 mins)  This close up, no frills, low interest documentary follows three very different horse boxes on the various journeys they make in the jumping season.

Film: Quite For Ages Then Bang 6  (Horror - 18 - 89mins)  The sixth in the series of terrifying features where a group of college students are victims of a series of happenings.

Theatre: Talking Mouth The series continues with another well known actor relaying a poignant story in this one person show.  "Valid entertainment" - The Illwell Extractor. 

Illwell Town Hall:

August 31: Audrey and The Notes

After having to cancel their last appearance in Illwell, the rearranged date has finally been announced. Tickets for the previous date are valid.

The Wellgood Head:
August 27: Patty and Jim

Duo make their return to Illwell. (Review on 'News' page)

Open Mic at The Wellgood Head:

The Open Mic runs on every second Tuesday of the week and musicians, poets, comics etc of all levels are welcome to come and do a spot in front of our very friendly audience of musicians, poets and comics etc. No need to book, simply turn up. Contact Ian and Phoebe with any queries.

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